Boucléme – The Curly Hair Heroes

Besides being beautifully packaged in a rainbow of candy colours Boucléme is one of my favourite products I have come across for curly and wavy hair. I LOVE the summery smell, specifically the lemon sherbet fragrance of their shampoo!

I have that weird combo of straight, wavy and curly hair which means I usually need a blow dry, tongues, or straighteners depending on the style and lots of product. My hair has become brittle and dry since I moved to the UK 17 years ago (I largely blame the limescale and other rubbish in the water), in that time I have tried so many different products and even lopped it all of at one time out of sheer desperation. I did eventually find a styling product that made it more manageable but it was full of chemicals and ingredients like dimethicone which is a water resistant silicone and builds up in the hair. Wonderful… stringy gross hair that makes you look like the crypt keeper!

Boucléme is a product born from the need for a hair range that would nourish and give frizz free curls without parabens, sulphates and silicone in the ingredients. The very transparent ingredient list on their website is an A-Z of every component that goes into the mix. Super moisturisers like Coconut oil, Argan oil, Vitamin E and Aloe Vera that also nourishes and treats your scalp whilst giving you shiny healthy locks!

If you have struggled with afro or wavy hair this is one to try. My hair definitely feels softer, more moisturised but not greasy and air drying is no longer a hair disaster. The Curl Cream is my new go to product to create curls and frizz free beachy waves on set (300ml £9.50) . If you are going to start with one product in the range this is the one! I also  love the shampoo (300ml £15.00) and conditioner (300ml £9.00) that will leave you with soft bouncy gorgeous smelling hair that doesn’t feel weighted down and greasy after a couple of days… Count me in!


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