DIY – Tinting Eyebrows at home the natural way

I love a good brow, but lets face it, if you are running late in the morning there is a very good chance of sporting two slugs in a brow death match entertaining your fellow commuters! Brow tinting could save you tons of time and look softer and more natural than drawing them on with liners and brow gels.

I have tested two methods, first I tried the coffee ground stain which involves ingredients available in most kitchens and secondly good old fashioned Henna.

Remember to groom your brows beforehand, pluck stray hairs and shape. The coffee method calls for 4 ingredients 1x tablespoon of used coffee grounds, 1x tablespoon of coconut oil, 1/2 x teaspoon cocoa powder and a little bit of honey to make it feel sticky. Mix together and let it sit for 5  minutes to bind with each other. I then used an angled brush to paint my eyebrows in the shape I wanted.


After 30 minutes the end result is a slightly darker brow, I feel like this would be much more effective on blond to light brown eyebrows.. Perhaps the result could have been darker with less coconut oil to dilute the coffee staining power? Still not bad for ingredients just sitting in the kitchen cupboard!

On to trial number two with the Henna, I popped into Lush and got the Caca Brun Henna brick which also lists coffee as an ingredient. My thinking is I could use the rest on my hair and kill two birds with one stone.

They supply you with gloves to use and the instructions are simple and straight forward. Henna is a permanent dye and will not wash out, only fade over time. It works like a varnish and coats your hair, this is why henna dyed hair looks mega glossy!

I cut off a small chunk and added a little bit of boiling water, mix well until you have a molten chocolate consistency. They do say the hotter when applied the better but there was no way I was going put hot paste on my face! So when it was luke warm I started painting it on.



A bit of a waiting game with this one, best to do it when you know there is not going to be any unannounced house guests popping by… Now sit back and wait approx. 2 hours.

Not a bad end result, very glossy indeed. There is a bit of stain on my skin which looks like soft eyeshadow giving the brow more shape. I do like the finish and doing my brows took a lot less time and they look soft and natural.

Just a bit of brow mascara and a teensy bit of shadow to fill some of the gaps. I wonder if the henna tattoo kit would give a more defined brow without looking too harsh? That would definitely be a future experiment!

Lush Caca Brun £9.95





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