Laundry Soap Nuts


Soap Nuts /Soap Berries grow on the Soap Nut tree in the Himalayan foothills and has been used as a natural detergent for centuries. This miracle berry is a 100% natural alternative to chemical detergents. I have sensitive skin and have had many bad reactions to horrible chemicals in commercial detergents which is why I started searching for alternative cleaners.

The soap nuts are used on their own and there is no need for any softer to be added, just pop about 5 into a small linen bag, tie the top and add to your laundry. I use 5 as I live in London which is a hard water area and get about 4 uses out of  that one bag. These small brown dark coloured dried berry shells have a slight vinegar smell to them but don’t worry your laundry will smell fresh and clean!

They do however only start to release saponins in warm water, if want to use a cold wash boil some water and pour it in a mug with your soap nut baggie and let it steep until the water is just warm. Then add the contents to the drum of your machine and you’re off. White washing needs a small boost and I find that 1/4 to a 1/2 cup of Hydrogen Peroxide in the machines powder tray usually does the trick. For small stains on your whites try rubbing a paste made with Borax and water onto the offending spot, let it rest a couple of minutes and then proceed as normal.

Since there is no real soap involved it is perfect for washing wet suits as well as your delicates and wool garments, game changer!

1kg for £7.49 on Amazon

Natural, Vegan and cruelty free :)



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